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Soft Rei

Door stopper collection

German Design Award Nominee 2017


SOFT is a doorstopers family that turns a functional piece with a high decorative value.
Its dimensions and shapes allow it to get easily integrated in any kind of space with an elegant and discreet manner.
Made to last in time, both for its aesthetic line and its structural strength, which is why it is made of injected latest technology material Bergaflex, high strength, flexibility and lightness. Which absorbs and dampens the shock of a very effective way.
The inner part is plastic injection with metallic finishes.
The user has two options for placement, it can stick to the ground by included 3M adhesive on the bottom, or it can be screwed to the floor.
With different color finishes, it is completely ecological because it is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.
The whole manufacturing process is under warranty Environment Environment ISO 14001, ECODesign 150.301: 03 and ISO9001 Quality Assurance.
Made in Spain. patented model.